Friday, February 18, 2011

... all together again ... me happy!

Hi everyone!  I miss you!  It's been a crazy-busy time around 'Casa Picasso' ... who knew a corgi's life can be so full of human chaos?!?

Anyway, most recently, Rita + Brian had to go to NYC for work. Meanwhile, I was at doggie camp doing some consulting work as the playground monitor.    Mommy and daddy spent a couple extra days there so that they could spend Valentine's Day there (apparently, it's a romantic place to be for the occasion... whatever...).  Even though I enjoy my job as playground monitor (and I'm quite good at it, too), I did miss Rita + Brian after a few days.  I was SOOOOOO happy to see them when they picked me up!!!
Here I am standing on the console in the car right after mommy + daddy picked me up. I was so excited!  First we went to the park so i could run around and chase the birds ... it was a perfectly sunny day!  THEN... mommy + daddy surprised me by taking me to the pet store to pick up a new doggie bed for the bedroom!!!  

When we arrived home, we visited my human friends in our building ... they all missed me very much, so I let them spoil me with cookies and pets :D  Then we went to the office where I listened to music and napped while mommy + daddy did some work and told me all about their trip and how much they missed me.

Here are photos of the view from the top of the Empire State Building ... Rita wanted to go up there on Valentine's Day because it reminds her of some sappy movie that all the girls like so much. Brian obliged, which made Rita very happy.

I was completely exhausted after such a full day of excitement ... I crashed very comfortably on my soft + fluffy new bed! I'm so happy to be home again, together with mommy + daddy ... things feel just perfect!  

Okay, that's all for now... may you all have happy corgi dreams!