Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching up on some zzzzzzzz's

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't written in a while... Rita and Brian have been away on business travel to Toronto for several days last week. While they were gone, I was at doggie camp where I spent my days playing with the other dogs, keeping things in order outside in the park and my nights wondering how much mommy and daddy missed me...

When they came back from their trip and brought me home, all I wanted to do (after getting lots of treats and hugs) is catch up on my sleep (it's exhausting being the boss full-time at doggie camp)...

Here I am after a looooong nap... I love stretching against the wall!

The next day in the office, I was STILL really exhausted...

I was so tired, I didn't even get up onto my bed!  I just crashed right there on the hard floor!

I pretty much slept ... ALL DAY LONG!

I did finally catch up on my sleep, though, so I'll be sharing more adventures with you in the coming days!



  1. Those pictures show enough of Picasso's tiredness for the day. Every time I go anywhere with Peanut, after we get home, he just falls asleep on my lap.

  2. haha glad you are catching up on your beauty rest! Gibson hates to go w/o his 18 hours of sleep a day ;)

  3. i LOVE the last shot. hilarious!