Monday, October 25, 2010

hmmmm... they look good to ME!

Rita was so thrilled when a neighbor that we saw while on one of my walks stopped to ask if she and daddy like avocados. Mommy  LOVES avocados, so imagine her excitement when the man gave her a bag of the biggest, greenest avocados that mommy's EVER seen! (Daddy doesn't like avocados, if you can even imagine that!)

When she brought them home, Rita thought that maybe these aren't avocados ... they're just HUGE and lighter green in color than what she was used to seeing in California.  Then she thought that they might be mangos ... this would NOT be good, though, because Rita does NOT like mangos!  Anyway, this picture doesn't show how big the avocados/mangos are, so she put them next to me to illustrate the scale of these monsters.

There, now you can see how big these babies are!  She caught me trying to lick them, which is why I look so guilty.  C'mon... she put this big bowl of edible something in front of me ... I thought she was giving me a snack!  Anyway... they looked good to me!

That's all for now...
By the way.... they ARE indeed avocados... WHEW! She's going to make tubs of guacamole now ... none for me, though :(


  1. I think those are as big as me! My mommy wants a shake... Xo- Giz

  2. Well dogs can't eat avocados :( Those monsters are huge!!! They are practically the size of Picasso's head (lol)

    Halloween is this weekend.... can't wait!!!!!