Monday, October 18, 2010

I looooove weekends...

Hi everyone! First of all, here's my token "autumn/October" photo. I noticed from checking out several other corgi blogs that we (the corgi breed) look particularly good with pumpkin props.  Note to all fellow corgis:  pumpkins are a very complimentary accessory, so whenever all you fellow corgis see a pumkin, go stand next to it and it's almost guaranteed that your human will take a photo of you and it will be incredibly flattering!

Okay, now to my weekend adventure!  Rita & Brian took me to the farmer's market in downtown West Palm Beach!  It was so much fun ... so many people (which means lots of pets and kisses for me), so many dogs (which means butt-sniffing and playing), and best of all ... FOOD BOOTHS (major potential for snackage)!!! 

It was really easy to get there from home... we just walked along my usual walking route along the waterway.  We end at the downtown plaza area and then you see all the tents with the wonderful, delicious, beautiful FOOD!

Here are some tents with flowers and plants... these don't interest me so much.  Mommy kept pulling me away from them because she thought I might pee on them ... the thought DID cross my mind...

Here I am sitting and waiting... waiting... waiting... for the man at the cheese booth to PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ just toss me a piece of cheese!  Any type of cheese would be fine with me, really... I'm NOT fussy at all... please, Mr. Cheese Man, just toss me ANYTHING!  In fact, it doesn't even have to be cheese... it could be bread, cookie, meat of any kind, a crumb... ANYTHING!

While I was waiting for Mr. Cheese Man to toss something over to me, I noticed other dogs in my immediate vicinity trying to SNACK ON MY CHEESE!

Can you believe it?!?! They were all hanging out around Mr. Cheese Man, trying to win his attention! They all seem like nice enough doggies, but i can't help but think that ... I'm  WAY more desperate (and somehow more deserving) for that slice of cheese! 

This is my view of Mr. Cheese Man.  He looks so friendly, doesn't he?  And check out that huge wheel of cheese just waiting to be snacked upon!   ... I am very sad and disappointed to report that Mr. Cheese Man was too distracted by his customers to even notice me. I know, I know... I'm thinking that maybe he felt that if he gave a piece of cheese to me, he would also have to give it to all the other dogs who were staring him down.  Well... there's always next weekend :)  This will be my new mission for future farmer's market trips:  to get a slice of cheese from Mr. Cheese Man!

This table smelled amazing!!!! I couldn't see anything from where I was standing (this pic is from Rita's perspective), but I could smell all of these different spices!  I was thinking that perhaps mommy could use some of these spices in her preparation of my already-delicious meals.  Nope... that would not be the case.  Rita & Brian were commenting on how beautiful and fragrant the spices were, and they said that it would be so nice to eat some delicious meals with these spices. Mommy doesn't cook, so she snapped a photo and we moved on. 

I had a really fun time at the farmer's market this weekend!  I look forward to more outings there. Perhaps next time, I will score a snack from Mr. Cheese Man!


  1. Looks like fun! I'm jealous that your farmer's market is still open! :)

  2. I love to go to those markets! a Farmer's market was the first place I went to when I got Peanut :)

  3. It was so much fun! It's backwards here in South Florida, it was actually opening day for the farmer's market season on Saturday! It goes until May or June, then it stops again until October.

  4. So cute! Our Farmer's Market down here doesn't allow dogs =(

  5. Pam, it was such a treat for all of us, especially Picasso, because he was not allowed in the farmer's market when we lived in Oakland, CA.

  6. Love it all! Can't wait to see Picasso's Halloween costume !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!