Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UH-OH... it's THAT time of year again...

Mommy's making me sit still while she tries to put clothes on me or fit fabric around me... she's using pins, so I REALLY have to stay still!

Okay... it must be Halloween...oh yay... **trying to contain my excitement***

I'm actually quite ambivalent about this so-called holiday. I don't really mind wearing whatever costume Rita decides to put on me because she smiles and giggles at me when all I have to do is sit there and look at her while she snaps a picture... then I get a hug and a treat. Not a bad deal, eh?  BUT, getting 'fitted' for my outfits aren't as fun.  I usually have to try bits and pieces of the outfit on... over and over and over again, until it fits around my belly, on my head, around my ears, etc. I do get little treats after each 'fitting', so it's not THAT bad (I'm just acting like a diva, like most models do).

Here's some background...
This was the earliest costume I can remember. I was a wizard for my first Halloween outing. This was a store-bought costume, so there was no 'fitting' required. I wasn't a full-fledged diva-dog model ... yet.

Here I am, the following year, in the first costume that mommy made for me all by herself... it was my first experience as a true model. Nice, pouty look I have here, huh?  Anyway, mommy wanted to use her new sewing machine, so this outfit was her first sewing project.  (Yes... I was her guinea pig. Perhaps THAT should've been my costume.) Anyway, she made the costume and the guitar, but the hat was a souvenir from Mexico she got me and my best friend Bryson (who is also a corgi). And because Bryson and I are very best friends, she made a costume for him, too!
Here we are: THE TWO AMIGOS!!!  And guess what?? Our parents took us to the Annual Corgi Faire in Dixon, CA where they have fun games and a costume contest!  We had so much fun meeting other corgis and playing limbo.  And... we WON the "CUTEST COSTUME" prize!  We were so happy!

Okay, the next year, mommy decided to make me ANOTHER costume on her sewing machine...
Here I am... the 'California Surfer Dog'.  Yup... mommy made me my own 'dude' surfboard, too! 

And so... a 'diva dog model' is born...

So that is the background of this so-called holiday, called Halloween, for me!  Since that last costume, Rita has been sewing all kinds of things, but mainly for herself:  clothing, jackets, bags, hats, etc. She really enjoys it, and I like to take credit for launching her off on her sewing gig!  Yes.... if it weren't for me...

ANYWAY, back to Halloween....

This year is going to be a little different *thank goodness*.  Rita is not going to make my entire costume from scratch. It will be part store-bought (yay!) and part custom-made by Rita (which means I will become a diva-dog again).  AND.... my costume will match mommy and daddy's costume this year! I'm so excited about having a 'family' theme this year! That means I will not be the only one wearing a costume!  

So.... stay tuned for my Halloween costume for this year.... it will be a surprise! 

Picasso (AKA 'Diva Dog Model')


  1. Such creative costumes!! I remember seeing you dressed up with Bryson a few years ago :)

  2. Ack! How did I miss this post? I miss you, amigo!! Arooooo!