Friday, October 8, 2010

Our First Year in Florida...

Hi everyone!  My name is Picasso and I'm a corgi (I don't like to capitalize the 'c' because I think it looks cuter with a little 'c') and I'm five years old. This is a continuation of Rita's 'Laugh Along the Way' blog. (By the way, Rita is my mom and Brian is my dad). Anyway, Rita wrote a blog last year of our road trip across the country when we moved from California to Florida. I thought that since I'm older and understand all that goes on around me, I'd write a blog to keep you updated on my wonderful corgi life!  And since our one-year anniversary of moving to Florida is coming up this month, I figured that starting off my new blog with a re-cap of our first year here would be a nice place to start.  
This is a photo of me in my new home.  This is my usual look from Rita's perspective, as I flash a big smile, hoping for a treat and a hug. 
Here I am resting on my Christmas toy last year. It appears that I'm unhappy, but I was actually very exhausted after having gone on a really fun walk on the beach!  I was thinking how bizarre the that it was so warm and sunny on Christmas day (very different than what Snoopy experiences on Charlie Brown's Christmas special)... I know I'm just a dog, but I actually do think about things like the weather and holidays ... and how my life compares to Snoopy's.

This is a view of the waterfront from my balcony.  This photo was taken during the annual Palm Beach Boat Show, which is why all those boats are out there.  Rita + Brian had a fun time at the Boat Show, even though they couldn't bring me with them.  I'm thinking that they would've had fun bringing me on board all of those neat boats!

Here's a family photo of Brian, Rita and me on my first Easter in Florida. The Easter bunny visited all of us dogs at City Paws Dog Park here in West Palm Beach!  He's kinda scary to me, but I had so much fun with all my friends, and the Easter bunny brought us all kinds of dog treats, which were inside of plastic easter eggs!
We were so excited that we could see the beautiful fireworks from our balcony!  These fireworks were set off on the final night of Sunfest, the annual 5-day music festival that takes place on the waterfront every spring.  Anyway, mommy said that she's very proud of me that I'm not afraid of the fireworks... it's because I know that the loud 'booms' aren't going to hurt me. Also, I get lots of hugs and a cookie for being a good boy!

In May, I had a little issue with my back left paw... apparently, there was a little pimple-thingy between my toes that I licked it too much and caused a little infection.  I just couldn't help it, though... I thought that licking it would make it feel better.  Anyway, the doctor said that I needed medication on my paw and that I had to wear the CONE OF SHAME so that I wouldn't lick my big fat paw and make things worse!  Ugh... what about my dignity?!?!  Well, thank goodness mommy + daddy understand that I have my corgi pride ... they went to two pet stores before finding this inflatable collar for me instead of the CONE OF SHAME.  It's much, much nicer (and more dignified)... smaller profile and it comes in this sporty, blue color! As you can see from the photos, I was very pleased with the fit AND I could lie down on my side, too!

Here I am with my sock-bootie thing that Rita got for me to cover up my big fat paw during my dog park trips.  I love the reflector strap, too! It's so that people can see my paw at night! I also love that my bootie matches my collar!  Even though I'm "injured", I'm still quite the stylin' corgi, don't you think?

Here I am at the dog park... I just LOVE going there to see my friends!  They call me 'the sheriff' because I'm the boss... I hang out in the BIG DOG PARK and keep things in order.  I make sure everyone is playing nicely and when they all run in a big pack, I herd ALL of them.  And when a particular dog is bullying another dog, I herd it into the bushes or under a picnic table. I'm very proud of my job as 'the sheriff', and I take my role very seriously!

This is a photo of my friend Phantom and me.  He's a white shepherd ... and part wolf, according to his owner (right, whatever... we all just nod). Rita thinks he's beautiful and really sweet {whatever, I'm NOT jealous}.  Anyway, Phantom and I have an understanding... I'm the boss.  When he forgets, I chase him under the table... then he remembers who the 'sheriff' is. Some of my other friends (that I don't have photos of yet) are Domino (who is a little immature, but he's in training), Aria (who is very, very well behaved but currently having some health issues), and Porter (who likes to taunt me so that I'll chase him...he's young and very energetic, so I try to keep up with him). There's also Angus, who loves his tennis ball to the point of obsession.  I chase him when he chases his ball ... I figured that it'll push him to run faster and become a better ball chaser.  

This is Lebowski... he's not so nice sometimes.  In this picture he looks like he's suspended in mid-air, but he was being held up by the back of his neck because he was a BAD dog ... he went after another dog aggressively, so Brian had to grab him to protect the other dog. Rita calls Lebowski  the 'franken-dog' because he has a mechanical hip.  Perhaps that's why he's naughty sometimes... 

Everyone was laughing at me here because when I was watching Phantom digging a hole at the dog park (BAD, BAD dog!), all the dirt was landing on my face.  I didn't even notice, because I was just waiting for him to get yelled at for digging a hole.  Anyway, not only did he NOT get in trouble for digging the hole, I got LAUGHED AT because I had dirt all over my face!  ...whatever... I'm still the BOSS, and bosses have bad days too, right?

Here's a photo of Rita and Brian at the Fort Pierce Inlet.  They took a ride up the coast to visit some cousins.  I couldn't go with them because the place where they went to have lunch didn't allow dogs. That's okay... I spent my afternoon playing with my friends. Rita & Brian had a good time, but they missed me very much!

Usually, they take me EVERYWHERE they possibly can.  It's because I'm very well-behaved.  I know that I'm not supposed to bark indoors or at people (unless they're being mean to me, mommy or daddy), and I'm supposed to smile and let humans pet me.  We love that West Palm Beach is a dog-friendly city with lots of places that welcome dogs, and there are also poopy bag dispensers everywhere!  There are so many outdoor seating areas at restaurants, cafes and coffee shops ... this is particularly nice for me because I can stare down other customers (as well as mommy + daddy) with my big brown eyes and button nose ... they always cave in and give me some of their food!

Rita + Brian took me to Bed & Bath with them to pick up some things, but the manager said that they can only take me inside if they put me in the shopping cart ... can you believe that?!?! Hello...we're talking MAJOR blow to my corgi pride!  Well, I decided to comply because it was better than hanging out in the car. Also, i have to admit that it was kinda fun being pushed around in the cart while I had a good view of all the other customers that thought I was so cute! So now I join them whenever they go to Bed & Bath ... and I also  get to go inside Office Depot, the pet store, the sporting goods store and the music store!  ...we haven't tried Target yet...

I just LOVE living near the waterfront.  Rita + Brian mention how much they love it, too! They take me for a walk along the waterfront walkway everyday (except when it's raining). Here I am, as happy as could be ... Rita put me up on the wall and it was so fun being TALL!

Mommy + daddy have to travel for work ... which is hard for them because they miss me so much.  One of the places they travelled to this summer was Philadelphia, where they decided to check out the famous Liberty Bell.  Well, apparently, the bell was way smaller than they expected it to be.  Here it is, with the famous crack ... Big WHOOP!

When they were in Las Vegas for a conference, they went to an ABBA tribute band concert.  Rita loves ABBA... they had a really good time. They said it was even better than the Mama Mia show that they've seen about 3 times!
Rita + Brian are really enjoying the music scene in West Palm Beach.  This is a photo from the Pink Floyd tribute concert they went to.  Yes, that is a huge inflated pink pig floating in the air!  They had a great time ... Brian loves Pink Floyd!

A more recent trip that Rita + Brian took was to celebrate dad's birthday. Here they are enjoying some drinks in Puerto Rico. Even though they're smiling, they are missing me so much and wishing I was with them.  {They seem to hide their despair very well, huh?}

I should probably mention that I spend my days with mommy + daddy at the office, helping them get through their days with my big smile and corgi cuteness... I feel it's my duty as their loyal dog to keep them happy and entertained.  The photo above is me on my balcony at the office.  I have a perfect view of the cats across the street  (who are all very intimidated by my corgi machismo) and I also have a good view of the guys that work in the receiving office downstairs who occasionally toss a treat up to me {one of the perks of being so lovable}! By the way, I stick my foot out like that because it always makes mommy giggle, and I like it when she giggles at my cuteness.

That's my re-cap of the past year...

So... as you can see, I've been enjoying my life here in Florida.  It's been almost a year (boy, time really flies) and there's still so much to see and so many dogs and humans to meet.  All in all... LIFE IS GOOD!

Thank you for visiting my blog ... stay tuned for more!


  1. OMG, Picasso, there you are, your very own blog!! Bryson (and us) misses you terribly! You look dashing in your new physique. Sorry you had that trouble with your leg (but that bootie thing was most fashionable), Bryson also had a mishap and was in the hospital for a few days a couple weeks ago :( He's all better now, but would probably be happier if you were around to hang out with him. He LOVES the froggy toy you got for him, even though most days Eva claims it as hers. Looks like you're enjoying life in Florida, we'll check back here again soon :)

  2. Great to hear from you, Auntie Ivy! I'm so sorry to hear about Bryson ... I hope he's okay. I miss him so much! I wish I could be there to cheer him up and make him feel better. I'm sure Eva is giving him lots of hugs and keeping him very busy! Thanks for visiting my new blog ... give Bryson a corgi hip-check for me :)

  3. Just joined another corgi blog! Keep blogging!

  4. Picasso! Thanks for sharing the highlights of your first year in Florida. We miss you so much! Sounds like you and your parents have found your niche right there by the beach :) BTW - mud masks are supposed to be awesome, I'm sure you were glowing once your mom cleaned you up. Continue blogging and keep your parents smiling and happy! xoxo ~ Gizmo

  5. Gizmo!!! Great to hear from you, bud! We miss you, too... think about you a lot, even though I'm across the country. Ha ha ha!... actually I DID notice my new 'glow' after my mud mask scrub! Thanks for visiting my blog!